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Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Smart Pumpkin's Lab

Developing children's brains early is crucial for future success in life. And I do mean life because just being good at academics does not necessarily mean that he/she will be a quick thinker and an outstanding problem-solver. Evaluate information, make logical assumptions and right decisions fast based on the provided information - that is what it takes to make it through the cut-throat competition which our world is.

I like to take an overview of what we are dealing with here. We are preparing our children for being not only good students but also well-rounded individuals.

There are numerous areas of special importance when it comes to developing a child. Wiring their brains early makes a huge difference!

Today I would like to touch logic. You already know the advantages of being able to reason and disadvantages of not being able to. So I'll go straight to the point.

I've been trying to do logic exercises with my daughter at least once a week. Here I am sharing with you some we did today.Try doing them with your children and if you want you can send the solutions to the problems back to me. Check it out!

  1. Make this shape out of toothpicks. You will need 10 toothpicks. By moving 2 toothpicks try to create 4 triangles. We found two solutions.

  2. Find an odd one out.





JosiahsMommy said...

I'm really enjoying getting to know your blog. The ideas to build logic etc in children at a young age are invaluable! I love it. Thanks so much for the posts!

SmartPumpkin'sMom said...

Thank you, JosiahsMommy!
I do believe in early start. :)

Buffyfan said...

Hi there, thanks for leaving your link in your comments. Although my daughter is older some of the ideas you have shown are still useful.

I can believe you homeschool. I would not have the patience. Good for you. How do you think of ideas on what to teach everday and how much time do you spend each day.

SmartPumpkin'sMom said...

Yes, I do homeschool. I'll be honest. It is a lot easier to stay put and do something when it's cold and nasty outside. LOL! I am trying to read everyday as much as my vocal cords allow me. In winter we do about 5-7 books a day. In summer - about 3. We read in two languages. Speak two languages. 2-3 times a week for an hour we use activity books. A couple times a week we do simple math. I don't let my daughter watch regular TV. This way everything she watches is cencored by Mommy. All the toys she plays with are educational. Even if I don't have time to monitor what she does I know she is developing without my interferance because all her stuff is hand picked by me. It takes a lot of time but well worth it. I am lucky to stay home wth her. So when I say that I've got a 3 full-time jobs I am not joking. But if you mean "sit next to the child" - maybe 2-4.