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Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Smart Pumpkin's Lab 2

Last time we did some exercises together to develop logic in young children. Hopefully you all found them useful.

In the beginning it might be a little difficult for your child since it is something new and he/she might be a little cautious about this new "game" you are playing together. Do not get discouraged! Give a hint or two, ask questions that will lead to answers, make it look as if the child figured it out on his/her own. This way he/she will not be resistant next time when you do it again. Who wants to do something he/she is not good at(unless they have to)? Make it exciting, cheer for every little accomplishment and in a blink of an eye your little one will get a hang of it.

Today I have some more exercises that you can do with your child.

1. Draw a line from each picture with farm animals on the left with the appropriate picture on the right. Talk to your child about farm animals in our life and what purpose they serve.

2. Look at the picture. Choose the right insert for each shape. After your child finished the task, talk about different shapes and colors.

Good luck raising a future MENSA member! ;)

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Cerebral palsy in babies said...

Thanks for posting these exercises.