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Thursday, September 3, 2009

Pumpkin's 5th Birthday!

I cannot believe how fast time flies...

It seems like I was pregnant not too long ago.

It seems like just yesterday I was in the hospital with the new crying baby and changing a diaper for the first time trying desperately to figure out where the front was. I was that clueless!

It seems like we were celebrating the first steps and the first birthday with a lonely candle sticking out in the middle of a chocolate cake.

It seems like Pumpkin started saying her first words and then, first coherent sentences. She was "talking" way before that! She was talking Pumpkin(the Pumpkin language as we called it).

It all seems like it happened in one day...

Now I look at this little girl and ask myself:"Where is my baby?".

After last year's craziness with her little friends we decided to have a quiet celebration and also I wanted to make a surprise party for her. Little did I know! As soon as she opened the door to the room where we sent up a table, put up the decorations and saw a chocolate cake she asked for she freaked out completely. It would not be a big deal if we didn't record the "surprise!" entrance... Every single shot and angle indicated how miserable she was. But the balloons and bright colorful wrappings of the gifts did the job they were supposed to do. Of course. In no time she was playing with new toys and tossing the balloons. After that we took her to a secret destination which was a new Children's Museum she's never been before. She had a blast there!

5 years old...

But I still refer to her as "my baby". In conversations with other moms I slip sometimes:" You know, my baby had an upset stomach the other day." And they usually reply the usual mommy stuff:"How old is your baby?" Hmm...5. New moms give me that look usually but women with older kids sigh understandingly.

5 years old...

Even though she wriggles and squeals I still cuddle and squeeze my Pumpkin to death and catch those fast "baby" feet to kiss them. And sometimes I even try to carry her putting her on my hip. This trick doesn't work any more - her legs get tangled in mine. Well, maybe I won't carry her any longer but she'll always be my baby!

Happy 5th, Pumpkin!


ONe PiNK FiSH said...

I feel exactly the same way. My oldest will turn 8 this year and I always feel a bit sad because he needs me just a little less.

Happy Birthday to your daughter.

SmartPumpkin'sMom said...

Thank you! :) And thank you for being a devoted reader of Smart Pumpkin Patch.