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Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Thanksgiving Craft Ideas

Thanksgiving sneaked up on me this year. I admit it.
I had a whole lot of ideas for Thanksgiving but we are running a little late.
I used this book to see what is out there.

Some crafts in it are easy enough for 3 year olds.  Some are more involved which is more interesting to 4-7 year olds. 
I usually see something I like and make something my own inspired by what I've seen. Today Pumpkin and I made salt dough ornaments(not from the above listed book).
To make salt dough you will need:
1 cup salt
11/4 cup water
3 cups flour

Dissolve the salt in the water and add the flour. Ta-da! Done!
Use cookie cutters, rolling pins, play-dough tools to work with it.  This is art so anything goes.  After you are done decorating your ornaments, put them on the cookie sheet covered with parchment paper and bake at 300F till they are hard (about 40 minuts, maybe more).  Paint the cooled off ornaments with acrylics or even tempera paint.  If you want to add that extra shiny finish, coat them with Mod Podge.
These are our Thanksgiving Turkey and a Rose(there is always room for roses, no matter what occasion it is ;))


Maya said...

I love the turkey one!

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