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Thursday, August 20, 2009

10 Things I Absolutly Need Before I Go To Bed

It has been a while since we had Mommy's Corner. We need to keep our sanity, right? And this is the place to go.

The time when kids are tucked into beds and fast asleep sometimes is the only time we parents have to ourselves. We do have kids but we shouldn't forget that we have our own interests, hobbies, personalities. Having children does not mean that we have to give up on all that. Yes, I agree that we change because now we have different priorities and responsibilities as parents. But don't you think that having some time to ourselves when we can actually do things we enjoy as individuals not as moms and dads is a part of being better parents? Don't you think that by being better educated, more sociable and more knowledgeable about things around us we can be more interesting to our children and we can share more experiences with them? By exposing ourselves to a lot of different things we can do our job of raising kids better. As simple as that!

The time when I actually can get in touch with the rest of me is usually when my Pumpkin goes to sleep. I value every second of it. It is not spent in the same manner every day but on most occasions this is how it looks. I made a list of my favorite things.

  1. Green tea. Summer or winter, hot or cold I just have to have it. It relaxes me, makes me to unwind after the tiring day in the Kiddieland.

  2. Chocolate!!! Oh, yeah! I know it is bad in the amounts I consume it. And yes, I do know it is nighttime. I'll work it out the next morning. ;)

  3. Computer. Do I need to comment on this one?

  4. MSN home page. Gotta stay well-informed about what's going on in the world. A lot of catching up to do! I do get sucked into reading celebrity gossips on Wonderwall. I ask myself "why?" every time as well. don't have an answer for this one yet.

  5. Blogger. This is the time I get to make new posts and give out some blogger love. I do enjoy reading a looooooooooong list of blogs. I do apologize that I read a lot more posts than I can comment on.

  6. Social networking sites. Just for fun.

  7. The Daily Show with John Stewart and The Colbert Report on I get most of the news from those two. They are more informative than some of the news channels plus the humour and attitude.

  8. Shower. When you are a mom, sometimes showers feel like luxury. The crazy thing about it is that sometimes I am not sure if it's a late night shower or a very early morning one. It's like a mini spa getaway at the end of the day.

  9. Skin care routine. Mommy needs to stay O.K.-looking.

  10. This one really had to be #1. I don't go to bed without a hug and a kiss and "Mommy, I love you so much" from my little Pumpkin! No matter how challenging it might get being a good parent from time to time but at the end of every day I know that this is a very special gift to be one.

What things do you indulge in after you put your little ones into bed?


From Janes Oven said...

hey girl,

These are all pretty much good things before bed I would change a few for myself but for the most part good!

Stopping by from Sits


Tania @ Larger Family Life said...

Having some time with dh when the house is quieter is lovely.

Lamonica Epps said...

Great list.

Stopping by from SITS

Stalker v1.5 said...

Colbert is my GAWD! hah

Stopping by from SITS.

SmartPumpkin'sMom said...

Thank you all for visiting!

Meghan said...

Sounds like a GREAT bedtime routine to me!('cept change the Green Tea to a Diet Coke!)

Did you see on Wonderwall that Brad and Angelina just bought some gerbils for the kids??? No lie! And I found myself wondering....exactly how is this relevant to anything?? And who CARES????

PropellerHeadMom said...

Sounds fantastic! Unfortunately, since school is still out, my boys are up too late - way too late. It is all my fault :-( We have to get back on a schedule and an earlier bedtime so I can get some time to myself :-)

Kitty said...

I LOVE the Daily Show! Couldn't live with out it. Ditto for chocolate and Green tea. Have you ever tried Green tea and Cranberry? If you haven't, you must. It's amazing! BTW, super cute blog Sitsta!

ONe PiNK FiSH said...

I usually watch tv. I need something where I do not have to thinktoo hard. Most days I am around a total of 24 kids for most of my day. Some times after kids are in bed is the first time I have stopped all day.

Oh, I read. If I don't my mind will race and I cannot sleep. Thinking about my own kiddos as well as my lessons for the next day.

Sorry it's been awhile since I stopped by.

pam said...

I agree whole-heartedly. We need time to fill our own tanks, and pursue a passion. When we do this the right way, and in the right time we thrive. Then we can breeze through the monotonous and unlovely stuff with a smile. Our joy is caught by our children. We look forward to getting out of bed! (Now I am not saying to make everything "all about ME", but on the other hand, we shouldn't deny ourselves and make our children the center of attention. That is not balanced, and not scriptural.