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Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Mommy's Bootcamp: How to Deal with Cellulite

I don't know how about you but one of my worst fears is cellulite. It just happens to be in my genes. My mom has it, my grandma has it, my great- and great-great grandmas had it too, I am sure. Not fair! Maybe that is why I especially enjoy those pictures of hottest celebrities in their bikinis with cottage cheese thighs in People magazine. I know, I know... It is wrong, but it does make me feel better knowing that those rich and famous with personal trainers and chefs have what I have - cellulite that is(minus the trainers and chefs, of course)!

I tried creams and gels... I don't care what they promise but none of them gets rid of cellulite. Yes, they do smell nice and yes, they do make your skin soft but that is as far as they go.

O.K. Here is the moment of truth. There is NOTHING that will get rid of cellulite! BUT, the good news is, there are some things that will help you to camouflage it.

  1. Drink a lot of water. That's an old one. At least 8 glasses (8ounces each). Water helps hydrating the cells so they look nice and plump and less orange-peely. I am bad at this.

  2. Eat lots of fresh fruits and vegetables. Avoid junk food. Heard it thousands of times but still not doing it.

  3. Massage the areas for about 5 minutes every day. This one is not proven but can't hurt. And i do believe that by massaging we help our body to get rid of the bad stuff and break down the fat cells. Also we stimulate the blood flow to the skin which feeds it with nutrients and flushes away the wastes. It makes our skin more elastic which doesn't show the fat cells(cellulite) through as much.

  4. Brush your skin with the areas of cellulite with a course brush in the direction toward your heart before you take a shower. It is for exfoliation to keep your skin younger looking because cellulite worsens as our skin ages. It is also to provide better blood circulation for the same reasons as in the # above.

  5. And the last one - exercise! The lower is your body fat content, the less chance you give to your cellulite to poke through.

I tried a bunch of different lower body work outs myself(that's where we are facing the problem zone). If you do them enough, they all work. Last week I came across this video. I tried it once. I did not do anything extra, just what was told there. for the next three days I could barely walk. Seriously. I usually experience some "good" pain 24 hours later. but this was THE BURN. In a very satisfying way. Even though the video is for mean and lean legs, I felt some muscles in my BUTT and that I didn't know I had. Some in my inner thighs. Maybe my legs were already mean. LOL.

You have to do high repetitions which also works as your cardio( I was sweating, huffing and puffing) which means you will burn a lot of calories. Don't make take long breaks in between the sets and keep your water bottle handy. I promise, it works!

It is summer and I was thinking that maybe we should share some wisdom a little. I can't wait to hear some of your tips!


Jen said...

This is a great workout. It's very similar to what we did in the only dance class I ever took. It works wonders on the legs and butt.

I've heard that crossing your legs at the ankles instead of high on your knees can help reduce the sight of cellulite and lesson your chances of vericose viens.

SmartPumpkin'sMom said...

Thanl you for sharing! I'll try that next! :)

Stacie said...

I really enjoyed this post! I will have to check out that work out! Have a great Sunday